Logo maker — download free version for PC

Logo maker: make your own logo in 20 min

What do you think is the most important thing when you create a new business? Business plan? Smart marketing? Quality products? No, no, and no. Eye catching visual appearance – that’s what people pay attention to in the first place, and memorable logo is one of the key points here. Indeed, that’s the first thing people discover about your company, and you want it to be as attractive as possible.

Unfortunately, hiring a professional logo designer isn’t cheap. They charge high costs for their work, and these costs will seem too unfair for a startup with lack of funds. We created our Logo Maker to help young entrepreneurs get the word out and show the world an appealing face without paying high costs.

Basically, this program is a graphic editor using which a user can create and customize their logos depending on the niche and specific needs. This software gives you a chance to follow all your ideas and also give you an opportunity to change them in every way to create a unique and memorable logo. You can browse the templates, choose one that looks good for you, and change fonts, colors, sizes, and add or delete certain elements. Your logo will come out totally unique on the other side, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll see a similar logo somewhere else.

Some people might stay skeptical about this way of logo making, like “We all know that nothing substitutes professional work”. But who said it’s unprofessional? Each and every template in our collection was created by a team of skilled designers in compliance with the rules of web design and latest trends. Downloading our Logo Maker, you know you utilize a sophisticated product that can easily compete with custom job of a professional designer. Meanwhile, you can work with this software without having any related experience and education. The interface is so simple that even a little kid can create a legit-looking logo at home in just a couple of minutes.

And here comes the best part – the price. It costs what you call “zero”, i.e. it’s totally free of charge. This is not some sort of special offer, a price for trial period, or something of that kind. Our Logo Maker has always been free, and it will always be.

Most users are prejudiced against freeware because they believe that it makes more harm than good for their computers by spreading viruses all over the cyberspace. That’s totally not the case when it comes to Logo Maker. We are a serious company that values its reputation above all, and we never let any malware infect your computer. This is a proved fact, and 100% of our users agree with this statement.

Summing up, our Logo Maker comes out free of charge, possesses great quality, a wide range of options, safety, and simple interface. All these characteristics make this program a perfect choice for basic logo creating and editing. Give it a test drive today!